Taking Dodgeball to a Whole New Level!

Imagine playing dodgeball on a trampoline half-pipe. That’s right, throwing and dodging soft foam balls on a court made of entirely trampolines. If that doesn’t sound fun, then I don’t know what is.

Dodgeball is a popular and fun team sport at Elevate Trampoline Park. There are two trampoline half-pipes allowing older and younger players to play with their own age groups. Each team lines up with their fellow teammates, opposite of the opposing teams, and try to hit them with a squishy ball below the neck while trying not to get hit themselves.

The usual dodgeball rules still apply with the last team standing winning and will be refereed by an Elevate employee. So gather your family and friends and come out to Elevate Trampoline Park to enjoy a fun and safe game of dodgeball.