Now included in the price for all jumpers ages 3+

Krazy SocksLet’s face it, as much fun as our trampoline park is (if you haven’t been yet, it’s truly fantastic), there was a little room for improvement. I say “was”, because we’ve now identified and resolved the problems that people have with trampolines:

  1. Rugburn on the feet
  2. foot germs (cooties) from stranger’s feet
  3. Slippery Socks

Of the 3, ‘cooties’ are obviously the most dangerous problem facing our jumpers, but fortunately, our solution addresses all of these problems and takes them in stride.

Our new Krazy Air Grip Socks (aka. Krazy Socks) make it possible to both protect your feet from rugburn and cooties, without worrying about slipping and falling on your nose when you land your front flip.

These socks will make your jumping experience safer, more comfortable and more stylish.

Where other trampoline parks will charge you for your:

  • Entrance fee
  • Dodgeball access
  • Basketball access
  • Safety socks
  • Anything else they can suck out of you (bandaids, blisters, rug-burned feet, etc.)

We give you total access to all of our amenities AND we include your socks in the deal!

$1 Discount

If you bring in a pair of socks from the last time you jumped we will give you a 1 dollar discount on your first hour of jump time! This discount is valid for anyone in your party that has their own Krazy Socks with them. This discount will be applied EVERY Time you visit Krazy Air with your own Krazy Socks.

*Krazy Socks means Grippy Socks purchased at Krazy Air with our name sewn into them  and our Logo printed on the top. The term does not apply to store bought slipper socks or off-brand grippy socks. 


If you would like to purchase a pair of Krazy Socks as a gift for someone who is not jumping with you at the time of purchase (ie. Stocking Stuffers) you can buy them for $3 per pair in a variety of sizes.

Yep, you get high-quality grippy socks for free(included in your 1st-hour admission fee) or $3 for an extra pair! You can’t get grippy or slipper socks for that price, even if you buy them in bulk! It’s really a great deal.

What it all really comes down to for us is safety. We’re really proud of our safety record and we want to make sure that we do all we can to ensure that our visitors have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience, every time they come in.